Kintsu Testnet Launch on May 13th

May 9, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Kintsu Testnet on May 13th, marking a significant milestone in the development of our next-generation liquid staking platform. Initially, access to the Testnet will be exclusive to a select group, including Kintsu OGs, ensuring that our most dedicated community members have the first opportunity to experience and influence the evolution of our platform. This phase is crucial for gathering insightful feedback and ensuring a robust system before a broader rollout.

What You Need to Know About the Kintsu Testnet

To ensure a seamless experience on the Kintsu Testnet, participants can utilize a variety of wallet options that offer robust security and user-friendly interfaces. Compatible wallets for interacting with our platform include Aleph Zero Signer, Nightly, Subwallet, Talisman, and Polkadot{.js}.

Staking Made Simple

Kintsu makes the staking process straightforward and accessible. By participating in the Testnet, you can stake your tokens seamlessly. Your stake will be distributed among a selected few validators, optimizing security and efficiency.

Unstaking and the Batching Process

Unstaking involves a unique batching process to manage network constraints effectively. Here’s how it works:

Withdrawal Requests: Initiate unstaking by submitting a withdrawal request. These requests are accumulated over a 48-hour period.

Batching: After the collection period, withdrawal requests are batched together.

Cancellation: You have the flexibility to cancel your withdrawal request anytime before it gets batched.

Unbonding Period: Post-batching, there is a standard 14-day unbonding period, during which your tokens are released from the staking pool.

Claim Your Gas: Following the unbonding period, you can claim the underlying gas from the Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) you initially escrowed.

Faucet Tokens can be claimed using the following link:

Why Participate in the Kintsu Testnet?

The Testnet provides a sandbox environment where you can:

- Experience Liquid Staking: Understand the mechanics of liquid staking without risking real assets.

- Provide Feedback: Your insights and feedback are invaluable. They will help refine Kintsu’s features and ensure a robust platform.

- Be Part of a Growing Community: Join a community of forward-thinkers who are shaping the future of decentralized finance.

We are excited to have you on this journey with us as we redefine what it means to stake your $AZERO. Mark your calendars for May 13th, and prepare to be part of this transformative phase in the evolution of staking technology.

Stay tuned for further updates, and don’t hesitate to join our community on Discord community and follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest news and developments.

Don’t forget to #StayLiquid and help us stake the future together!